Hoofprint Productions are currently developing Brothers of Italy with interest from several co-production companies and distributors. The series would span over 6 episodes and has a full treatment, 20 minute pilot and is currently in the process of attaching a writer to begin drafting the first episode.

Arrested in June 1940, the Petrucco brothers have the choice to either fight alongside the Allies or be locked away in a British run Prisoner of War camp. Sante Petrucco is subsequently interned on the Isle of Man, whilst his brother, Berto, fights on the front line with the British Army. The series explores how both men attempt to live within these volatile environments and how the family cope back in Britain during the wartime years.

Below is a small clip starring: Niccolò Besio (Borgias), Marc Pickering (Boardwalk Empire) and Johnny Palmiero (Green Street).


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